Summer Term II Pupil Life Skills Development Programme

A brand new programme coming after the Summer half term in 2024.

Children coming to school should be doing so for more than just studying subjects, enjoying special weeks and perhaps participating in school clubs. Yes there are the academic skills and knowledge that our boys need to learn, that will benefit them in their future lives, but these and examination outcomes are certainly not the ‘be all and end all’. They certainly do not represent the substance of the whole child.

Already during the school year but now through this special focused skills development programme, our pupils will learn and develop a variety of life skills and positive character traits, all things for which you cannot give a mark or a rating. These will include developing life skills, decision-making, communication and interaction, teamwork, resilience, self-esteem, dealing with failure, pitching for enterprise projects, food preparation, health and safety, personal organisation, the personal challenge and more; all skills that are crucial for life after primary school and for our pupils’ long-term futures, but not always necessarily taught in schools due to a ‘lack of time’.

Now we will make the time and now we will teach them…