At Pardes House, we are very proud of the progress our pupils make with both their religious and secular studies and the knowledge and skills they leave our school with. We are even more proud of their achievements, with our boys dealing with two languages, going in two different directions and having a 50% split timetable, between their Secular and Religious Studies.

Regarding attainment in secular studies, listed here is the school’s key data for the 2022-23 academic year and set against national averages (NA), where available.


73% of pupils were at or above GLD at end of Reception.  NA: TBC%

Year 1 Phonics Check

88% pass.  NA: 73%

Year 2 SATs

Reading:  64% Exp+   NA: TBC%

Writing:  47% Exp+  NA: TBC%

Maths:  60% Exp+  NA: TBC%

Year 6 SATs

Reading, Writing and Maths:  78% Exp+    NA: 59%.

Reading:  87% Exp+    NA: 74%.    Greater Depth: 20%    NA: TBC%.

SPaG:  71% Exp+    NA: 72%.    Greater Depth: 13%    NA: TBC%.

Maths:  89% Exp+    NA: 71%.    Greater Depth: 24%    NA: TBC%.

Writing  (teacher assessment):  96% Exp+    NA: 64%.    Greater Depth: 0%    NA: TBC%.