The 144 Club

The 144 Club is a new academic initiative launched by the school at the start of the Spring term 2023. It has been introduced to help boost the presence of Maths in the school and to help boys with their times tables development and knowledge.

“Knowing the times tables fluently helps children to develop their learning in maths because they can take that knowledge for granted, which frees up cognitive space for them to learn new mathematical ideas and apply maths to solve problems.”
(Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics).

At Pardes House, we are giving all boys from Years 2 – 6 the opportunity to become a member of the 144 Club, through different levels. However, only those with full mastery of all their tables can be declared as 144 Club masters!.

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The 144 Club explained

How it works

The Pardes House 144 Club

The 144 Club schedule, 2023-24