Parents & Pardes House

Our doors are always open and we welcome our parents into our school as it is to us that they entrust their boys.

Parents have a very important role to play in our school. We are proud at what we believe are pro-active forms of communication between school and home and vice-versa. Parents are always welcome to contact the school with any questions, concerns or requests and the school will be pro-active to contact the parents in the same way.     Listed in detail below are all the ways we communicate with parents and information for parents on keeping their children safe online.

Annual Pupil Report – July

The annual report to parents is sent home in a sealed envelope before the end of the academic year. As well as reporting on pupil achievement, progress and effort in all academic subjects, the report also contains sections on individual pupil’s character as well as a general comments section and final comments from the Headteacher. Attendance is also reported, including any authorised and unauthorised absences.

Mid Year Pupil Progress Report – mid February

The mid-year pupil progress report is about the school informing and working with parents, in order to help them help us with their child. We want every child to make the progress they are capable of and parents are a key part of that process. The report provides an indication of the pupil’s achievements and progress at the half-way point of the year.  Teachers use a range of assessment information and their own professional judgments to determine the progress of each child. The report also indicates how parents can help their child at home and how well the pupil is developing other important personal skills.

‘Coffee and Cream Cakes with the Headteacher and Menahel’ – three times a year

This informal parents’ forum was initiated by the current Headteacher and takes place before the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. Parents are invited to join the Headteacher and Menahel over Danish pastries and hot drinks in the Boardroom, to share their thoughts, ideas and other comments and feedback regarding our school. Minutes are taken and then shared with the parent body.

Please click HERE for Minutes of the most recent meeting.

Parents in Class – once a year

Spread across two days, parents are invited to sign up for the opportunity to spend a lesson with their boys in their classrooms. A very popular initiative upon its inception last year, these sessions open parents’ eyes into what really takes place in school. Feedback forms are available at the end of the session. This feedback goes on to play a key part of our ongoing evaluation of lesson content and delivery.

Parents and Pupils Reading Together – twice a year

Spread across two days, parents are invited to come into school and spend some quality time reading with their boys. Different sessions are timed for each year group in the school.

Parents Evenings – Autumn and Spring terms

Parents are invited to meet with their child’s teachers and Rebbes (both Secular and Kodesh) and discuss their child’s progress. The Headteacher, Deputy Head and Inclusion Leader are all available to meet with parents during these evenings. Parents are allocated 10 minute slots with both the teacher and Rebbe. if need be, another more extended meeting can be arranged.         * School prefects are on duty during these evenings to guide parents to the right classrooms, manage time for everyone and keep staff refreshed!

Curriculum Evenings – Autumn term

Held early on in the Autumn term, this is an opportunity for parents to come and hear from the Chair of Governors, Headteacher and Menahel about the school, how it is moving forwards and plans for the new academic year.

Parents have the opportunity to meet with their sons’ new class teachers and Rebbes, learn more about the academic curriculum and are invited to ask general questions of their teachers and Rebbes.

Four sessions are held across two evenings as many of our parents have more than one child in the school and we wish to give them the opportunity to hear from and meet all their sons’ teachers and Rebbes.

Parent Information Evenings and Workshops – throughout the year

Throughout the school year, various information evenings and workshops are held in the school on a wide range of topics e.g. ‘Preparing for Year 6 SATs’, ‘Reading With Your Children’, ‘Healthy Eating’, ‘Helping Your Child With Their Homework’, ‘First Aid’, ‘Introduction to Phonics’, ‘Managing Relationships Between Boys’ and more. Most of these sessions are led by school staff and occasionally by outside facilitators for example from the Local Authority. Parents are invited to by letter to these evenings and while asked to inform the school beforehand of their attendance, are still welcome to join us on the night.

Newsletters – weekly

Including both class newsletters and the weekly whole-school newsletter (posted on the school website). These often colourful newsletters cover major aspects of the childrens’ learning during the school week, as well as highlighting any key pieces of information that parents may need to know. A key highlight of the weekly whole-school newsletter is the column of the Headteacher!

Assemblies – weekly

Parents are invited to attend assemblies when their children’s class is performing. They are given due notice of the dates in the termly calendars. Parents of pupils in Year 6 are also invited to attend assembly when their son is reading the weekly D’var Torah (short speech on the weekly Torah portion).

Performance Assemblies – Spring & Summer terms

Children playing a musical instrument or talented at singing are given the chance to perform in two special concerts in the Spring and Summer terms. These concerts take place in front of all pupils and in front of parents of performing artists.

Art Exhibition – Summer term

Parents are invited into the school one afternoon late in the summer term to view a wide range of the art that pupils have produced to a high quality during the school year. Parents have the opportunity to view all these works on their own and then with their children.

Sports Day – Summer term

Taking place in the summer term at Allianz Park, Barnet Copthall Stadium, this is one of the highlights of the school calendar. All children from Reception to Year 6 take part in a host of activities from team races to individual track and field activities. Parents are invited to attend, watch, cheer and support their boys.

School questionnaires – bi-annually

This questionnaire is sent out every two years to parents to fill out anonymously. It asks for parental feedback on a variety of issues at the school, ranging from bullying to homework and extra-curricular activities. The results are analysed by the Headteacher together with the Menahel and provides invaluable feedback for future planning. Parents receive a summary of the results and further written comments.

*  Other questionnaires are given to parents bi-annually re. new Reception Parents and for the school’s Curriculum Evenings. These too inform school practise moving forwards.

Mothers @ Pardes  (M@P)

This group of school mothers are responsible for the planning and organisation of the school’s monthly Rosh Chodesh activities, summer fete, Shabbos Hisachdus weekend and much more besides. The group meets with the Headteacher and Menahel regarding the planning and coordination of these various events and activities, all of which are enjoyed tremendously by our hard-working pupils. M@P welcome additional help and support from other like-minded parents.

Keeping your children safe online

Click on the link for more information on ‘How To Keep Your Children Safe Online‘.

Click on the link for a copy of the ‘E-Safety Guidance Sheet‘ given to parents at the school’s e-safety workshops.

Grandparents Day – once a year

Grandparents are very proud of their grandchildren. So why not invite them into the school for one special day a year just for them? Even great-grandparents are welcome too!

Each Spring term, grandparents will be invited to spend a morning or afternoon in school with their grandsons; joining them in classrooms, taking them out to read with them in the comfort of our lovely Library and do other activities with them. Grandparents will also have the opportunity to sit and chat with the Headteacher and Menahel over tea, coffee and cream cakes. An opportunity not to be missed!