Word of the Week

wotw imageIn the Autumn term 2022, the school introduced a new English initiative, the ‘Word of the Week‘. The purpose of this is to improve the boys’ vocabulary and enhance literacy around the school.

Research has shown that the wider a child’s vocabulary, the easier the child can access new learning. Every week our boys are introduced to a new word, which they then use in their written and verbal work during lessons and around the school. Parents can also join in by promoting the use of the words at home with your children, by talking about the word, its meaning and other similar words.

We hope the boys are inspired by this new initiative and their vocabulary choices improve throughout the school.

Word of the Week so far…

  1. Glacial  (link – it’s cold out there!)
  2. Oriental  (link – Chinese new year)
  3. Courage  (link – Martin Luther King day)
  4. Saunter
  5. Illuminate  (link – Chanukah)
  6. Culture   (link – World Cup)
  7. Commemorate  (link – Remembrance Day)
  8. Monstrous  (link – Guy Fawkes)