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Accessibility Plan
Adverse Weather Conditions
Behaviour & Discipline
Charging & Remissions
Curriculum Statement of Intent  

Equal Opportunities
EYFS Statement of Intent
Healthy Eating
Promoting British Values 

Photographing Children and Use of Mobile Phones in School
Pupil Absence
Relationships Education
Remote Education Plan
Safeguarding & Child Protection
Safeguarding Mission Statement
Special Educational Needs       

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The Local Offer and Special Educational Needs

The Children and Families Act received Royal Assent on 13 March 2014. It contains a range of measures focusing on vulnerable children and their families. Part 3 of the Act refers to reform in the law for the education of children and young adults up to the age of 25 with Special Educational Needs. The provisions of the new Act apply from 1 September 2014 with the incremental introduction of Education, Health and Care Plans.

The Act introduces:

  • new expectations that the views of the child and young person will influence decisions made for their education
  • a new SEN Code of Practice to be issued by the Government sometime before September 1st
  • a requirement for schools and the Local Authority to publish their Local Offers
  • a refining of the current system of statutory assessment (that often leads to a statement) into an integrated assessment of education, health and care needs for children with significant SENs
  • the determination of special educational provision through an Education, Health and Care Plan, as well as any health and care needs the child or young adult may have
  • the potential for young adults to be supported with an Education, Health and Care Plan until the age of 25, and the removal of the current Learning Difficulty Assessment arrangements for those school leavers with the most significant needs.
  • the potential for Local Authorities and Health Services to offer services to parents and young adults through a personal budget

Please click here for the school’s SEN Information Report

Please click here to go to Barnet’s website re. The Local Offer

The school’s Inclusion Leader (SENCo) is Mrs Heather Cohen


GDPR Data Protection Policy
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The internal Data Controller for Pardes House Primary School is the Headteacher, Rabbi J Sager

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