Kodesh (Religious Studies) Curriculum


The Kodesh Curriculum is designed to give our pupils the knowledge, skills and commitment to lead a life of תורה אם דרך ארץ, that is to say ‘study and observance of written teachings (Torah) combined with contributing to society at large (Derech Eretz)’.

The Kodesh curriculum is continuously monitored and developed to ensure that progression takes place and that all children’s needs are met, with access for all. This takes place, not only with the class Rebbes (Jewish studies teachers) but with additional support staff, dedicated to supporting pupils in the development of their Jewish knowledge and skills.


By the end of KS1 pupils will be reading fluently, accurately translating familiar passages of חומש (Chumash – Old Testament) and applying their vocabulary and basic skills of grammar to begin independent translation. They will have a general knowledge of weekly סדרות (sidros – weekly portions of the Old Testament) and the events of our calendar cycle. They will be fluent in selected sections of daily תפילה (Tefilloh – prayer).

KS2 children continue their חומש and begin learning רש”י (Rashi – medieval biblical commentator) They also learn carefully selected episodes from נביאים (Neviim – prophets) as well as starting to learn משנה (Mishneh – Oral Law). In Years 5 and 6, boys begin גמרא (Gemara – Talmud).

Children have a widened and developed general knowledge and awareness of דינים (Dinim – laws) and their תפילה repertoire is broadened with added understanding.

Throughout the school there is continual reinforcement of reading and independent learning skills.

Methods of teaching include traditional rote-learning with visual reinforcement and written processing. Children are empowered to ‘learn by themselves’ wherever suitable.

Programme of Study

The Limmudei Kodesh curriculum, introduced in Reception and continuing to Year 6, includes:

  • Kriah (Hebrew reading)
  • Kesivah (Hebrew handwriting skills)
  • Sedra (weekly Torah portion) and Festivals
  • Biblical and Classical Hebrew vocabulary and grammar
  • Yediah Klollis (Jewish life and practice)
  • Chumash (Five Books of the Torah – Old Testament).
  • Study of the Chumash with a famous medieval Torah commentator by name of Rashi
  • Mishneh – Oral Law
  • Gemora (Talmud) – Expansion of Mishneh
  • Nach (Books of the Prophets)