Chol (National) Curriculum – General Information

Our theme for the 2022-23 academic year is ‘Joie de vivre’ – a joy in being alive and in being keen. The two things…

Our curricula aims

We aim to deliver an outstanding curriculum that is:

  • creative, fun, enjoyable and memorable;
  • underpinned by aims, values and purpose;
  • develops the whole child and every child;
  • is broad and balanced;
  • has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills;
  • offers purposeful experiences;
  • is flexible and responsive to needs and interests;
  • has an eye on the future;
  • makes strong cross curricular links;
  • has a local, national and international dimension.

Chol (Secular) Curriculum

As a Local Authority maintained school (voluntary aided), we follow the guidance of the National Curriculum and provide a curriculum that is balanced and broadly based.

Long Term Curriculum Maps for all subjects and year groups are available in the school. We ensure that we focus on all children and at both ends of the academic spectrum: for those with Special Educational Needs and those deemed high achievers. All of these are supported by a varying degree of homework, according to the year group. Children are set challenging targets, progress is monitored closely and the need for interventions and/or communication with parents are acted on quickly.

Our curriculum is also planned in a way to broaden children’s understanding of many aspects of the planet, its people and societies, particularly those of Great Britain.

Parents can learn more about their child’s curriculum by contacting the class teacher via the school office:

Statements of Intent

Click here to read our ‘Statement of Intent’ for the school curriculum
Click here to read our ‘Statement of Intent’ for the Early Years Foundation Stage
Click on these links to read the individual subjects ‘Statements of Intent’:
English        Maths        Science        Computing        History
Geography        Art        Music        PSHE        Physical Education

Subject Policies

English        Maths        Science        Computing        History
Geography        Art        Music        PSHE        Physical Education



English        Maths        Science        Computing        History
Geography        Art        Music        PSHE        Physical Education


To see each year group’s ‘Curriculum and Skills Information Sheet’, please click on the links below.

Reception          Year 1          Year 2          Year 3          Year 4          Year 5          Year 6

To see each year group’s ‘Curriculum and Skills Information Sheet’, please click on the links below.
Reception          Year 1          Year 2          Year 3          Year 4          Year 5          Year 6

Early Years Foundation Stage – Reception

The children follow curriculum based on the seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Teachers and key workers carry out focused observations of children in order to assess their progress and achievements. The results of these observations have a direct impact on the planning process.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

For Years 1 to 6 our school curriculum is based on the National Curriculum – the four core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Computing and seven foundation subjects History, Geography, PE, Music, Art, Design and Technology and Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education.

There are links to each year group’s summer term curriculum on the curriculum general information page.

Phonics and Reading Schemes

Main Phonics scheme – Twinkl.
Reading schemes:  Prime scheme – Twinkl. Other supplementary schemes such as Oxford and Pearson.


Key Stage 1 Timetable Outline
Key Stage 2 Timetable Outline – short Fridays
Key Stage 2 Timetable Outline – long Fridays

Support for pupils

Significant financial investment, particularly over the last couple of years has ensured that there is a wide (and still growing) range of support for pupils of varying different across the school and for both sides of the school’s dual curricula. This has been done with the school’s constant aim in mind of ensuring that there are no gaps and that all children are supported. This also includes specialist teaching for pupils at the higher end of the academic range.

The school works with a variety of different agencies and people to best provide for the needs of all pupils in the school.

Cultural Capital

During their time at Pardes House, our pupils accumulate cultural capital by being exposed to the vital background knowledge and range of cultural experiences required to become active, informed, thoughtful citizens.

Pupils benefit from the great opportunities that living in London offers, including access to museums, galleries, and exhibitions. Special visitors to the school enhance this still further for any and all year groups. Assemblies are often themed around national events and figures, both present and past. In addition to the formal curriculum, there are also special days and special weeks to enhance pupils’ school experience, while developing further important skills and depth of knowledge about their lives in school, outside school and beyond school.

All these wider opportunities for pupils are aligned with our ethos and mission so we can prepare our pupils for their journey through secondary school and beyond.

Educational visits

These are arranged by class teachers to enrich the curriculum. Parents are often asked for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of these visits. The Parents Association helps to fund the cost of outings and of curriculum-linked school workshops. In Year 6, the children participate in a residential school trip in addition to other outings and undergoing Safe Cycling Training.

Extra-Curricular Activity Groups   (Clubs)

The school offers a large number of hugely popular extra-curricular activity groups (clubs) every term. Most of these take place at lunchtimes, while there are some that take place at other breaks and after the end of the school day too.  All clubs are generously led by the staff in their own non-contact time and are on offer to pupils in every year group, from Reception through to Year 6.    * Further and more specific information  can be found  in the ‘Extra-curricular Activity Groups’ page.

Remote Education Plan

Click here to read the school’s Remote Education Plan, implemented in the event of a school closure.