Extra-Curricular Clubs

The school offers a number of hugely popular extra-curricular clubs every term, with around 200 pupils taking part and about 100 of those taking part in our various sports clubs. Most of these clubs take place at lunchtimes, while there are some that take place at other breaks and after the end of the school day too.  Almost all clubs are generously led by the staff in their own non-contact time and are on offer to pupils in every year group, from Reception through to Year 6.

Listed below are many of the clubs that the school has offered and does offer.

The Clubs

Coding, Fencing, Puzzles & Board Games,     Classical Music Appreciation,     Action & Adventure Tales,     Write-Fiti,     Table Tennis,     Confectionery making,    Parliament Club,     Gardening,     Jogging,     Science Investigators,     Art,        Origami,     Current Affairs,     Walk on Wednesday,     Drama,     Leining,   Homework Support,     Story time,     Football,     Touch Typing,     Library,     Recorder,     Hockey,     Hebrew calligraphy,   French,   Multi-Sports,     Healthy Living,     Construction,     Times-Tables,     Mindfulness colouring,   Kapla!